Word to the Wise: Best Practices in E-learning

What follows is a selection of advice culled from various sources and experiences. If you have advice you would like to share with other online faculty please email it to the Online Coordinator and they will post it.

  • It is a good idea to devote a portion of the first week of class to technology. Some students will drop the course because of their fear of technology or their perception that the course will be more work than a traditional course.
  • To teach a successful hybrid course an instructor must invest time and effort in redesigning a traditional course. Because class seat time is reduced and a significant part of learning is moved online, instructors must reexamine their course goals and objectives, design online learning activities to meet those goals and objectives, and effectively integrate the online activities with the face-to-face meetings. In addition, many faculty members must acquire new teaching skills, such as learning to facilitate online interactions and assess student online learning; they may also need to acquire some new technology skills.   Adapted from Teaching with Technology Today, Volume 8, Number 6: March 20, 2002 Introduction to Hyrbid Courses by Carla Garnham and Robert Kaleta


  • Have a Question and Answer Blog, or Help Blog where a student can ask you a question publicly and thus all the students can benefit from your answer.
  • Use the ADDIE in developing your blended learning courses