Presenting Content

In Bb Learn, the term content encompasses the items you create using various tools, such as discussion topics and individual quizzes. It also inlcudes content in the form of content files, which are files that you can either create in Bb Learn or upload from your local system (such as PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, etc.).

You can present content items to students through Content Areas. You may, however, want to present content to students in a more structured manner. Bb learn provides two options for organizing content for students: Folders and Learning Modules. You can choose to use them separately or jointly.

Folders and empty pages to which you can add content items. You can also add content to Course Content Home. For example, you might have a folder in your course containing resources students can use as they proceed through the semester. These resources might include writing guidelines, website links, and a subfolder containing sample documents.

Learning modules are like folders in that you can add content items to them. With learning modules, however, you can structure content hierarchically in a table of contents to determine the order in which content is delivered to students. Depending on their scope, learning modules can be analogous to a unit or chapter in a textbook.


Course area organization is described in more detail on the following Bb Help page.