Level 2

Making the progression from a face-to-face class augmented by online features to a Hybrid level of E-learning (a combination of online and in-person teaching) may appear daunting at first. However, patience and a little time spent in planning and organization, are all that is required to meet this challenge. Moreover, the potential benefits for yourself and your students are substantial, including greater flexibility, added convenience and better communication between teacher and student. The information in this section should go a long way toward helping you achieve those benefits.

Faculty Expectations

E-learning Dialogue 

Word to the Wise

Designing the Course: Customizing the Look, Presenting Content

Communication: Announcements, Calendar, Mail, Discussion, Chat, Who’s Online

Tools: Assessments, Assignments and Grading of Assignments, Grade Book

Prepare Your Course for the Semester: To Do Checklist

End of Semester Review