WebCT Navigation and Layout

Please have your WebCT class open while reading through this page.

First, look over a Sample Course for Navigation.

The break-down:

Build Tab: Design activities such as creating, managing, and organizing content take place in this tab.

Teach Tab: Instructor activites such as reviewing student work, managing grades, or interacting with students occur here. Access to instuctor tools such as Assessment Manager, Assignment Dropbox, Grade Book, and Group Manager are found only within this tab.

Student View Tab: Allows you to experience the course as a student.

Course Tools: Includes the tools that you add by using Manage Course.  The second toolbar below left depends on which tab you are in (Designer Tools, Instructor Tools, and My Tools).

              Designer Tools help you to create and manage the course by adding and removing tools and changing the course settings. You can also access File Manager and Selective Release from here.

               Instructor Tools include the utilities that you need to view and grade assignments and assessments, manage grades, and handle other instructional tasks. In addition, you have access to the same Manage Course functions that are available on the Build tab.

               My Tools provide access to tools for students use including My Grades, My Files, My Progress, and Notes. The availability of these tools is controlled using the Manage Course option which appears under both Designer Tools and Instructor Tools.

Course Content Home: This is where you put links to your content. This space is what you make of it. Look at this tutorial to see how to add Content Links to this page.

Breadcrumbs are displayed at the top of the course content window. They are denoted by the words Your Location and show how the user has navigated to the current page. All the Breadcrumbs are clickable, allowing the user to retrace their steps through the module.