Getting Started

Once you have signed into your course you can get started building it!

Course Settings:  The Course Management menu is a central place in Blackboard Learn for locating course tools, grading student work, customizing your course, and managing content

Course Content Customization: When you log in and access the course the Course Home Page is the default course entry point. It is up to you how you wish to format the appearance of this page, or even use it.

How you present your content on this page is an important aspect of building your course. You may choose to create Folders and or add links to Learning Modules. As the designer of your Course Content you can format your content

NOTE: * Building this out

The Folders On The Course Content Home Page, Folder and Link Options, and Adding Files, are  important sections. Many parts of the Adding a Content Link section will be covered more fully in Level 2. For Level 1 you can focus on the Syllabus, and Web Link pages.