How to embed videos into your course content

You can embed video into your course site so students can view it within the architecture of your Blackboard Learn course site. There are a few ways this can be done; one involves copying embed code from an external site and then copying that code into an Item.

  1. From any website that has embeddable video, find the embed code for the video you want to embed and copy it. The code is usually available by clicking a link to Share or Embed the content.
  2. In your Blackboard Learn course, make sure the Edit Mode is On.
  3. Choose which Content Area into which you’d like to embed your video (such as Course Materials).
  4. Hover your mouse over the Build Content button; under “Create”, choose Item.
  5. On the Create Item page, type a Name.
  6. In the Content Editor, click the HTML icon.
  7. In the HTML Code View window, paste the embed code and click Update.
  8. Click Submit. Check the embedded tool to be sure it works correctly for students.

The video content will now stream and play directly into your Blackboard Learn course site, as if you uploaded the video yourself, but you didn’t. The video is primed for streaming and viewing rather than a raw video file that would otherwise be uploaded into Blackboard Learn. Students can more easily play video this way and instructors can more easily add and manage their videos in Blackboard Learn.

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