End of Semester Tools: Reports – Archives

Now that we are almost at the end of the semester, there are some final tasks you can take care of in Blackboard, to more efficiently wrap up your administrative tasks and prepare yourself for the next semester.
  • Calculate final grades: If you have been recording grades in the Blackboard Grade Center, you can use it to calculate the final grades for your students. Remember to check that you have entered zeroes for any missing assignments or tests, so that the calculations are accurate. If you are using a Weighted Total, make sure that your categories are assigned correctly – you can do so quickly by going to Manage > Column Organization.
  • Automatically assign letter grades in Blackboard: The Blackboard Grade Center uses a default grading schema to assign letters grades, with pluses and minuses. You can verify that the schema matches yours, and modify it if necessary, by going to Manage > Grading Schemas. To automatically assign letter grades, edit the Total or Weighted Total column (or create a new Calculated Column), and set Letter as the Primary Display option. You can use a Score or Percentage as a secondary display, which you will be able to see in the same column of the Grade Center.
  • Grade Center Reports: From the Full Grade Center point at the Reports button (4th from the left) and select Create Report. Once you’ve chosen your options a report will be generated, 1 page per student, of each student’s grades throughout the semester. Watch this video on how to create a grade center report.
  • Export the grades for safekeeping: While Blackboard is backed up regularly, it is a good idea to download your Grade Center as an Excel file for you to keep on your office computer: To do so, go to the Grade Center and click Work Offline > Download. Watch this video on How to Download Grades from the Grade Center to see how to do it.
  • Course Archive: At semester’s end, when you are done working in the course archive it from the Packages and Utilities menu and download that archive file to a secure backup location. Instructions for this simple process are on the bottom of the page linked here.
  • Request your course(s) for next semester: Get a head start on developing your Blackboard courses for next semester! If you are teaching an online or hybrid course and registration for the next semester has begun, you should already see your course shells available. To enhance your course you can request a web-component be created now, so that you can develop that material over the break. You can read the simple steps to request web enhancement for your course through Banner by clicking here.

As always, you can contact the Office of Educational Technology by calling Peter Snyder at (575) 737-3753 or emailing snyderp@unm.edu.