UNM-Taos Online Teaching Mission Statement

The aim of UNM-Taos is to encourage blended learning campus-wide. UNM-Taos will train faculty in the use of our Learning Management System as well as encourage more student involvement and interest. We plan to support our faculty in enhancing their courses, and/or creating and implementing additional blended learning opportunities (i.e., hybrid and online)  for UNM-Taos students. As an institution we shall strive to offer our courses in a variety of formats to best fit each student’s educational needs. Our institution is community based and as we move further into the eLearning environment this will be foremost in our minds. As we continue to build our blended learning courses and explore emerging technologies the focus will be to match the use of technology to our particular community college’s needs.  With more variety in course format students will have more choices and opportunities to be successful and engaged. UNM-Taos plans to be in the forefront of education in rural communities by reaching them through a more thorough engagement with online technologies.